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Remote Support toolkit

Are you now offering Remote Support for your clients?  These tools will help you make the most of your digital service delivery.

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Website statement and blog post

It is important to ensure your website is up to date with your clinic’s COVID-19 messaging, for existing and potential customers.

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Social media - shareable content

People are more active than ever on social media as the COVID-19 crisis evolves. Social distancing measures have seen these channels used for social interaction, reassurance, information and entertainment.

Access the Phonak Facebook page for posts you can share on your own page, ranging from to hearing aid care at home to recommended activities to make the most of isolation.

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Caring for hearing aids at home

If your clinic is closed or clients are self-isolating, it is important for you to support their hearing journey in alternative ways. 

Feel free to share this link with your clients, which contains quick tips and videos about how to maintain their hearing aids at home.

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Here are some of our suggested activities to help strengthen your practice and keep busy during this time.

Participate in eLearning

  • Discuss how you can implement specific products, services and features within your practice. 
  • Consider products and services that could generate additional revenue streams that you have not previously considered, such as Roger. 
  • Think about what differentiates your practice and the patient experience you provide.
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Database Emails and Letters

Website statement and blog post

Social Media Support

Here are some of our suggested activities to help strengthen your practice, and keep busy during this time. 

Caring for Hearing Aids at Home

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Follow us on LinkedIn for up-to-date news, articles and resources relevant your business and the practice of audiology in Australia.

Find further information and resources on Phonak Pro, our website for hearing care professionals in Australia.

Social media strategy

Download our guide to keeping your clients engaged over social media.

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Social media strategy

Remote Support toolkit

Re-opening or returning to capacity

This clinic preparation handbook will help you prepare your clinic (and your team) for this next phase.

Re-opening or returning to capacity

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Download this signage for your clinic, to reassure clients and visitors of your safety measures; add your logo easily before printing.

Learn how to ‘mine’ your database to identify opportunities and communicate with your clients.

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Make Remote Support simple for your clients with this user-friendly guide.

Database communications

Free hearing test for your website

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This tool is embedded into your website, with your own branding, to help you engage with potential clients. This becomes a lead you can follow up for an appointment.

Free hearing test for your website

Database communications

Your database is one of your most powerful marketing tools – your clients are waiting to hear from you! Leverage the opportunity with these support tools.

Visual email reminders will help encourage your clients to book an appointment – your branding and preferred content will be applied.

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Download these letter or email templates for different types of clients in your database.

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Promote the sale of auxiliary products to your clients using these ready-to-send email templates (after personalising them for your clinic):

  • Roger™ systems, for better hearing across distance

  • Accessories, including TV Connector and PartnerMic

  • Batteries, cleansing and maintenance products
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For more information, tools and support, visit our Back to business page on Phonak Pro.

Marketing toolkit for your digital service delivery

Are you looking to communicate about your Remote Support offering, or to use your blended service delivery to attract new clients? This toolkit contains turn-key marketing templates and digital marketing tips to promote your offering on your website, social media and other channels.

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